Schmohz features a Tommy Pinball Machine. It is set for $0.50 play.

“A highlight of Schmohz’s Tommy pinball machine are the unique “blinders” that are one of the greatest ‘toys’ on any pinball machine ever made. At certain points in the game – ‘Tommy’ mode, advanced stages of multiball and during the Wizard mode – the blinders will sweep out from below the apron completely blocking the players view of the flipper area, forcing them to call on all their pinball wizard skills as they effectively play blind, just like Tommy!

Like all great pinball toys they have a real ‘wow’ factor – especially for players who have not seen them before. They also work brilliantly within the theme of the game, and importantly they add something to the gameplay”.



Manufacturer:  Data East
First Production Year:  1994
Estimated Production:  4,700
Number of Players:  4


Game Play Features: Multiball, Captive/Messenger Ball(s), Ramp(s), Spinner(s), Cellar Holes, Voice, Drop Targets, More Than 2 Flippers