Valley City Cream Ale

OG 1048 / 15 IBU / 5% ABV Golden and sweet, with a delicate touch of hop spice, a perfect reminder of craft beers from the early 1900’s. Flavor and character in a delicate brew.

Treasure Chest ESB

OG 1056 / 35 IBU / 5.3% ABV
Extra Special Bitter is one of the most treasured styles of the English Ale heritage. The ESB Style is less bitter than a Pale Ale or India Pale Ale, and has a very mild yet delicate aftertaste. Schmohz Treasure Chest ESB has a mesmerizing crystal red hue that will guide you into a delicate balance of malts caressed by floral hops.  Treasure Chest’s gently hop bite will meld well with spicy and aromatic foods and cheeses.

Amber Tease Ale

OG 1054 / 30 IBU / 5.3% ABV A smooth drinking ale, with the sweetness of the girl next door – hiding a darker and bitter side. Overall medium malty character with a Northern Brewer bite to even the taste. Brewed in the style of a California Common

Pail Ale

OG 1055 / 52 IBU / 5.2% ABV A bright American Pale Ale structured for the lighter tastes. An exhilarating floral American hop finish is sure to beg for yet another glass.

India Pale Ale

OG 1066 / 58 IBU / 6.2% ABV Originally developed in the late 1700’s, British breweries would send beer via sail to the troops and British expatriates in India. With a whopping hop aroma and finish, married to dry but full maltiness this ale will remind you of those traditional ales. The copper color, East Kent Golding’s hops and moderate carbonation add to its authenticity as a English IPA.

Hopknocker Imperial IPA

OG 1098 / 136 IBU / 10% ABV After many nights of requests for something for a more serious Hop Heads, the brew staff pooled opinions and ideas. When a consensus could not be made they decided to throw it all in the pot.   The resulting construance of hops and barley fermented violently for several weeks, and produced an exceptional aromatic beer.

Bone Crusher Stout

OG 1071 / 46 IBU / 6.4% ABV A robustly presented aggressive ale, built with 5 specialty malts and justly hopped to build a huge American stout, featuring smooth roasted-chocolate flavor and a big black malt finish. Two different hops secretively give a contrasting balance to the structured malts.

Coconut Crusher

Toasted Coconut Stout
OG 1071/46 IBU/6.4% ABV A robustly presented aggressive ale, built with 5 specialty malts and justly hopped to build a huge American stout, featuring smooth roasted-chocolate flavor and toasted coconut finish. Engineered to give you a chocolaty island feel.

Pickle Tink Ale

OG 1057 / 18 IBU / 7.3% ABV Once again Jim’s old homebrew specialty book has brought us a new twist in beer. What could be the Rosetta Stone of beers, bringing peace and understanding to all who embrace it. PT is a light fun drinking ale that will remind you of warm summer days and fun times. Now you must understand that the recipe for
this is a closely guarded secret, so don’t be surprised when the brewers just smile when asked. Join us in a beer that will make you feel young and vibrant.


OG 1047 / 18 IBU / 4.1% ABV It’s a little-known fact that Snoopy and the Red Baron shared a pint of Cirrus Wheat when they famously halted hostilities on Christmas Eve. Top-fermenting with the light, naturally cloudy appearance of German weizen, or “wheat-based” ale, Cirrus Wheat’s character appeals to most everyone.


Shameless O’Pikey

OG 1045 / 38 IBU / 4.5% ABV  Hooligan Red Ale – A rougher spirited ale, inspired by the wild Irish gypsies and easier to control than an unhinged, pig-feeding gangster.

Zingiberene Ale

OG 1058 / 0 IBU / 5.4% ABV  A light malt based ale using ginger rather than hops as the preservative. Dare to get unhopped and try the energizing elixir.

Miracle Off 28th Street

OG 1076 / 28 IBU / 9.2% ABV Miracle is a paradigm of the finest malts and complex hop blends to build the superlative winter ale for mature tastes. Brewed as an Olde Ale exhibiting the seasoned character of our brew house staff! Enjoy a Miracle with family and friends in front of hearth and home.

Kiss my Scottish Arse

OG 1084 / 24 IBU / 9.3% ABV In the spirit of Chas’ Great Uncle McGlean, this Great Ale will not only lift your kilt, but raise ye spirit to an attitude of mighty altitude. Presented with the best of malts, grains and the select hops, it will not be for the faint of pint raisers. Bring your bonnie lass and hold on!

Gingerbread Brown

OG 1052 / 30 IBU / 5.2% ABV Just in time for the holidays, a wonderful brown ale spiced with ginger, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Just like Christmas at Grandma’s



OG 1058 / 0 IBU / 5.4% ABV Dark ale brewed for harvest festivals from dark wheat and pilsner malts.  Lightly hopped and left sweet but never too sweet. Just in time for the fall colors.

John T. Pilsner

OG 1055 / 48 IBU / 5.9% ABV A pure Czech Pilsner. Fermented cold and slow for over four months to provide the old world taste of a Set in it’s ways beer. Very refreshing and definitely different.

Barley Wine

OG 1148 / 49 IBU / 14.5% ABV A very special celebration ale, crafted from unbelievable amounts of barley and hops. Enjoy the complex hop tones as you warm the glass in your hand and smell the gentle roasts. Citrus and plum flavors will dance on your tongue as you taste each sip. Enjoy in moderation with friends to take the edge off the cold days of winter.


Schmohz Root Beer

Non Alcoholic Rich, creamy, refreshing classic Root Beer made to bring out the youth in all of us. A true favorite of our young Hockey players and fans. Take a 6 pack home to treat the whole family.

Schmohz Black Cherry Soda

Non Alcoholic A crisp mild carbonation and a strong, acidic yet sweet flavor will remind you of youth and summer. Topped off with an old-style touch. Take a 6 pack home to treat the whole family.