Schmohz Brewing is a product of the dreams of a group of Michigan Tech Alumni.   During the many long drives back and forth to school and the many nights researching beers at MTU, the dream of owning a brewery came up as a reoccurring topic.   Years later when Jim Schwerin wanted to make that dream come true, his friends and former classmates decided to back his dream even when banks said no!

By the summer of 2004, Jim had located the former Robert Thomas facility and proceeded in the purchase and filing for license transfer.    December 17th, 2004 the license in place, Schmohz opened with just a couple beers and a brand new copper bar.

Now as the years have progressed, we proudly serve from 16 taps of fine crafted ales and lagers, plus our own root beer.    Our 2009 purchase of a 20 head Crown Cork & Seal bottler allows us to produce many of our products in bottles for sale and distribution throughout most areas of Michigan, an addition to our ever present draft products. Home to the only Non Alcoholic Craft Beer in Michigan as well as over 36 other finely crafted beers and our line of non alcoholic sodas, Schmohz strives to serve their friends and neighbors with high quality beverages.


2600 Patterson S.E.
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Phone: 616-949-0860